Some aren't all the same.

I don't really know what kind of girl I am.

you always wrote to me in pencil (via tessa-rae)

(via rayasaurusrex)

we were taught to write in pencil
because graphite mistakes are

but I see beauty
in the crossed out words
and scratched out numbers.
my paper is covered in ink
mistakes need to be seen too

so when I found your final letter
folded and tucked away in my abandoned left shoe,
I realized why you left

you wanted to cover up mistakes
excuse them
justify them
hide them

and I wanted the strange beauty
in real
and raw
and honest

I haven’t thrown out your letters,
but it won’t be long until
your graphite words deteriorate

and I am left with nothing but
my own inked memories

I have a completely fucked up life. And all I want to do is fix it.


the ULTIMATE comeback and im not playing

(Source: femburton, via alymayholt)

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